Colleen Corradi Brannigan


Obsessed by cubist violins, Colleen Corradi creates with rapid, incisive and inesorable brushstrokes compositions with musical instruments which carry much of Pablo Picasso's strength and power.

year: 2001
Paper size= 11" x 11"

musical abstraction i   Best known for her abstract musical monoprints and monotypes, Colleen Corradi has been concentrating on printmaking in the past few years. After receiving her diploma in Fine Arts at the Liceo Artistico of Pescara, in Italy, she continued her studies in London, where she learnt basic printmaknig techniques. The year after she attended courses at the Art Student's league in New York and took her skills one step further joining Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop.

Not confined to printmaking, her work has received numerous awards and prizes. Her paintings, etchings and monoprints have already been exhibited in Italy, England, the United States, Japan, Bulgaria, Israel and Sweden.
Musical Abstraction I
Image size: 58 cm x 103 cm