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Printmaking organizations

Artichoke PrintWorkshop is a print workshop established in 1992. Artichoke provides OPEN ACCESS facilities for fine art printmaking in the areas of intaglio, lithography, relief printing and photographic printmaking media.
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atelier presse papier
Atelier Presse Papier - Quebec, was founded to meet the creative needs of a group of young artists, and now the studio has developed into a multidisciplinary print workshop.
american prin alliance The American Print Alliance is a consortium of non-profit printmakers' councils in the United States and Canada.
Our accomplishments focus on ways to increase prints' visibility by banding together to realize projects that separate councils could not individually support.
ARPRIM, Regroupement pour la promotion de l’art imprimé is an organization that promotes printmaking. It ontributes to the development of printmaking. Site in French!
california society of printmakers The California Society of Printmakers is the second oldest printmaking society in the United States.
The California Society of Printmakers is a non-profit arts organization which promotes the appreciation of prints and printmaking. In support of this goal, the Society sponsors exhibitions on a local, national and international level, carries out educational activities, and publishes a journal, The California Printmaker.
cork printmakers
Cork Printmakers is an open-access fine art printmaking studio. It is funded by the Irish Arts Council and Cork Corporation, and currently has over fifty artists, both local and visiting, using the range of facilities that the studio provides. These facilities include printing presses for etching, lithography, relief printing and screenprint.
Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop is an artists' studio and gallery dedicated to contemporary fine-art printmaking. Established in 1967 it was the first open access studio in Britain and is now a thriving organisation which attracts funding from the Scottish Arts Council.
greenwich printmakers
THE GREENWICH PRINTMAKERS ASSOCIATION was founded in 1979 with the primary aim of providing a permanent display of members' work in their own gallery. It is run as a cooperative, staffed and administered by the artists themselves who mount five exhibitions of new work each year, in addition to several other locations which have been as far afield as Canada, Germany and the USA.
los angeles printmakers One of the main goals of Los Angeles Printmaking Society is education; for this reason many programs, lectures and demonstrations have been presented in the past and are planned for the future. Besides the National exhibitions, LAPS has a busy exhibitions schedule. Many exchange exhibitions have taken place with other printmaking societies in the USA and abroad.
print club rochester
The Print Club of Rochester is an organization devoted to fine art printmaking. It is currently an organization of 117 dues paying members, who mostly live in the North East. We want to spread the message about what we are doing-which is significant: The Print Club sponsors individual artists to work on commission to create original works of art for the subscribers. The Print Club has been in existence since 1934, and has an unbroken string of commissioned prints, and successful shows. Many of the artists we commission are of international stature. Along with this feature of our Club, we also have educational demonstrations, and lectures given by visiting artists.
  Founded in 1989, Maryland Printmakers, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) charitable non-profit organization. The objective of the organization is to promote printmaking through charitable and educational lectures, demonstrations, juried, and non-juried and traveling exhibits. Membership is open to any individual committed to the promotion of printmaking.

SAGA has long reflected the growth and changes taking place in printmaking as well as transformations in the larger world of art. The high standards of SAGA are perpetuated in national exhibitions which continue to expose the public to the best of American printmaking.
southern graphics
SGC International is an educational non-profit organization committed to informing our membership about issues and processes concerning original prints, drawings, book arts, and hand-made paper. A Non-profit Professional Printmakers Organization
  Founded in 1964, The Washington Print Club is open to all who are interested in fine art prints and the graphic arts: collectors, connoisseurs, artists, and just plain folks who enjoy prints as an art form. The Club organizes frequent programs for its members.
wood engravers network
Since 1994, a group of printmakers, especially interested in wood engraving, have gathered and formed an organization called the Wood Engravers' Network. The group pursues communication, encouragement, and education in this historic, yet contemporary relief medium. One such activity is a biannual newsletter called Block & Burin. It features articles, events, news and announcements. Another feature of the group is an optional exchange of prints and related materials. It is a forum that we have dubbed a Bundle.

mid america printmakers
The mid america print council is a non profit organization of artist printmakers and educators
  Boston Printmakers through the North American Print Biennial, members' shows, traveling exhibitions to museums, libraries, and other institutions in the United States and Canada, reaches a large and diverse audience. Its membership attracts young talent as well as established artists.
brooklyn artists
Brooklyn Artists Booklyn arranges classes, lectures, and workshops for educational institutions at all levels of instruction. Classes range from bookbinding workshops at after-school programs to lectures on book arts history and theory at universities. Booklyn is committed to training teachers, providing them with creative options for promoting literacy and integrating the arts into their curricula.
contemporary printmaking
Center for Contemporary Printmaking Founded in 1995, the Center for Contemporary Printmaking was established to support and encourage serious emerging and professional artists in the creation of original prints and to educate the community to a better understanding and appreciation of prints and the process of printmaking. It offers both an historic and contemporary view of printmaking, encouraging traditional techniques as well as modern technologies.
Centro Portugues de Serigrafia The CPS – Centro Português de Serigrafia (Portuguese Centre of Serigraphy) was born from the desire to make it easy for the lover and collector of Art to obtain the possession of great quality works which are, by themselves, a sound patrimonial investment.
Dayton Printmaker's cooperative The Dayton Print Co-op was formed in 1983 to provide printmaking access to all qualified visual artists. Along with active members, the Print Co-op involves other visual artists in workshops, portfolio exchanges and group print exhibits.
logo Dedalo
Dedalo Art Centre - Italy, promotes various aspects of fine art including printmaking, painting and photography by providing classes and workshops as well as exhibits and artist exchanges.
east london printmakers

East London Printmakers is a group of artist-printmakers based in Hackney, London E8. ELP organises printmaking workshops and talks and runs a spacious and modern printmaking studio with open access.
The Graphic Artist Association of Lahti is founded in 1981. The association was founded to get a collective workshop for Lahti Graphic Artists.
ipcny International Print Center New York was established in Chelsea in September 2000 as the first and only non-profit institution devoted solely to the exhibition and understanding of fine art prints. IPCNY fosters a climate for enjoyment, examination and serious study of artists' prints from the old master to the contemporary. IPCNY nurtures the growth of new audiences for the visual arts while serving the print community through exhibitions, publications, and educational programs.
Kala Art Institute's mission is to help artists sustain their creative efforts over time through its Artists in Residence and Fellowship Programs, and to increase appreciation of this work through exhibitions, public programming and educational efforts.
london print studio
Over the past twenty five years the London Print Studio has helped to create a wide variety of projects. Listed below are some examples.

  The Malaspina Workshop offers professional facilities for lithography, intaglio, relief and photo-based printmaking. Artists who show competence by submitting a portfolio may use the facilities at the workshop to produce their own editions. For a nominal rental fee, artists have access to equipment which includes manual and motorized litho presses, four etching presses, an aquatint box, a fully equipped darkroom and a good selection of limestone and marble stones.
handprint studio hand PRINT Studio is located in the charming village of Stockton-on-the-Forest, on the outskirts of the beautiful, historic city of York, and is equipped with all facilities for the needs of the various workshops, boasting two etching presses, plus ample space for etching, plate construction, inking and printing.

The Highpoint Center for Printmaking is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the art of printmaking. Its goals are to provide educational programs, community access, and collaborative publishing opportunities to engage the community and increase the appreciation and understanding of the printmaking arts.
hong kong
Hong Kong Open Printshop was founded in 2000. It is the first non profit-making open printshop that is run by artists. Our major objective is to promote visual art with an emphasis on image making. Apart from creative works, we also try our very best to give back to the community by providing art services, so people from all classes and ages can enjoy art
  INTERNATIONAL MEZZOTINT SOCIETY .M.S. can be of special assistance to members with technical questions, especially about inks, paper, tools, etc. Listings of overseas opportunities and future shows are made available. An International Mezzotint Society Bulletin is posted free by e-mail to members about once or twice a month to share information about techniques, biographical material about the members and to find solutions to questions posed by members, etc.
monotype guild
ny society
The New York Society of Etchers, Inc. is an artist-run printmaker organization serving New York based artists.
Philagrafika's mission is to promote and sustain printmaking as a vital and valued art form by providing artistic, programmatic and administrative leadership for large-scale, cooperative initiatives with broad public exposure.

pittsburgh print grooup
The Pittsburgh Print Group is an artist guild affiliated with the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Founded in 1972, the Group's purpose is to support artists who are printmakers through exhibits, educational projects and other promotional activities. The Group is also committed to the advancement and promotion of the printmaking art throughout various educational and community-oriented activities.
print arts northwest Print Arts Northwest
Printmaking Council of New Jersey The Printmaking Center of New Jersey (PCNJ) is an uncommon, award-winning arts center founded in 1973. For nearly 40 years, PCNJ has operated the state’s only open printmaking studios. Artists access our fully stocked studios at affordable rates to create art all day and into the night; 7 days a week.
logo printmakers

Ramverket is a swedish group of printmakers
  St Barnabas press, Cambridge, offers artists' proofing and professional editioning services, studio space for rental by artists working on individual projects in printmaking or related disciplines and media, and open-access printmaking courses for artists.
seattle printmakers
Seattle Print Arts is an association of artists, arts professionals and collectors who have an avid interest in the expanding field of print arts and an appreciation of the print media. SPA fosters intellectual and artistic dialogue, serves as a resource for news in the field of printmaking, and forges links between artists. SPA serves as a base for a variety of activities which focus on the print arts.
snap gallery

SNAP Gallery still offers the same exceptional exhibition programming by print-artists of local, national and international reputation. As well, SNAP will be increasing its overall services offered to artists, adults and children in the community in the coming months.
New Zealand Studio Printmakers The Print collective is made up of a small group of artists who share the responsibilities of running the studio and organising exhibitions and promoting printmaking.
two rivers studio

Two Rivers Printmaking Studio supports working artists' exploration of printmaking media, and builds interest in the art and history of the print through workshops, seminars, lectures, and exhibitions.
women printmakers
The Women Printmakers of Austin is an organization dedicated to encouraging women to actively pursue artistic expression through printmaking and to promote community through annual exhibits, regular meetings and outreach projects. Their objective is to expand the audience of fine art printmaking
  Federation of Canadian Artists
artist-run not-for-profit organization
1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC

washington printmakers
Washington Printmakers Gallery is a cooperative gallery located in the hub of Washington's DuPont Circle gallery scene, only one mile from the White House.

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